Meeting minutes for May 15, 2021
Devil’s Tower Amateur Radio Club

The meeting was opened by Dwayne at 2:00 pm. 

The treasurer reported the club bank account balance and noted that the club presently has 13 full members and 4 student members.  The treasurer explained that we meet the IRS requirements for a self-declared, non-profit status.  There is no cost involved and he will register with the IRS once we have the new email address.

Dwayne noted that the minutes from last month’s meeting was online and asked whether everyone had read and approved of the minutes.  A motion was made by Katie and seconded by Wade to accept these minutes.  All present voted in favor.

Old Business: 

1)     A discussion was led by Wade and Dwayne on the subject of ordering study guides for license upgrades.  Dwayne requested that Wade survey the members to find out what was needed and to see about getting the necessary books ordered.

2)    Zoom classes were mentioned as a possibility for license upgrade classes in the Fall.   

3)    Field day was discussed.  There was a short discussion on the equipment and antennas to be used.  Meals will be planned at a later meeting with Pat and Katie co-chairing.  Katie is also doing the PR. 
4)    Porta potties will be available for Field Day.

5)    Dwayne will start setting up antennas on Thursday June 24th and welcomes any help.  The county comm trailer will hopefully be available for field day.  Generators will be available.  Field Day runs from Saturday, June 26th at noon till Sunday, June 27th at noon. 

New Business: 

1)     Wade proposed an idea for a “Communities on the Air” program which might generate more on-air time and foster new interest in amateur radio.  He spoke about the possibility of issuing certificates.  Dwayne pointed out that certificates would appeal to “paper chasers”.  Dwayne appointed Wade as a new chair to study this idea.

2)    Dwayne announced that DTARC is now an ARRL affiliated club.    

3)    Dwayne explained that a portion of an ARRL member’s renewal or application fee is returned to the club.  

4)     Dwayne is making his library of radio books and magazines available for loan to club members. 

5)    Chris is working on repairs to the windows.

The meeting was closed at 2:40 pm with a motion by Katie and seconded by Wade.   All members voted in favor. 

Pat Boone, Secretary

Archived Minutes: Click Here

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